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The San Francisco Club Goes Sailing and Leaves Their Troubles Behind

Ahoy there! Hop aboard and grab a seat on the port or starboard side, then get ready to cast out the bow and set sail. It was a perfect 80 degree weekend, and 16 Events & Adventures members set sail on the San Francisco Bay.

They say with any relationship you have to have trust and communication; Events & Adventures members were able to practice both in order to charter a five-person sail boat. Sailing builds effective communication and members were trained to work together with each team member in different positions (trimming sails, steering, calling tactics) in order to man the ship.

The team learned new skills such as what to do if someone falls off the boat during a man-overboard (MOB) drill. During the MOB drill, the team had to retrieve a float dropped into the water with the boat under sail. But the real fun began as the crew set sail under the Golden Gate Bridge around Angel Island. We took in the fresh ocean air and even attempted to race a few boats as we headed back to shore.

Sailing is a fantastic experience whether you just do it once or make it a way of life. A sailor can work on the water or go sailing to get away from work in the most literal sense. Give it a try and find out if sailing is your next passion by joining Events & Adventures on our next sailing trip.

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