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A Billiards Night to Remember with Events & Adventures Dallas

Billiards night with Events & Adventures is always a hit.  Despite the pouring rain, over 20 members came out to play and several tables were reserved for our group.  The atmosphere was as friendly as always, and the more experienced members made sure to immediately bring new members into the fold and broke the ice.

As we played, we began to realize that we had a lot in common, including not being the best at billiards!  As each of us took a shot, the other gave tips and encouragement.   As we all mingled and discovered shared interests, eventually we were talking more than we were playing.  It didn’t matter how well or poorly we shot, everyone was supportive and had a great attitude.  We ended up playing doubles for most of the night and we all made some great new friends in the process.

All of us were glad we decided to go even with the bad weather because we had a great time and met great people.  We had the event at Rack Daddy’s; it had a full service bar and many TVs where we watched playoff hockey and basketball in between playing billiards. We can’t wait for this to come up on the calendar of events again!  Whether it’s just some friendly competition in town or something more exotic, Events & Adventures always has the cure for boring.

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