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Singles Awareness Day Means It’s Okay to Be Alone on Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day has arrived once again. For some, that may mean romantic dinners, exchanging of gifts, and showering their significant other in love. For singles, it may cause an amplified sense of loneliness amidst the frenzy. While it can be sad to be alone on Valentine’s Day surrounded by a sea of red roses and heart-shaped chocolates, there is no problem with being single during February. Events & Adventures will highlight the bright side to flying solo during this month of love, and how to celebrate Singles Awareness Day.

Freedom and Self-Discovery

One of the most liberating aspects of being single for Valentine’s Day is the freedom it affords. Without the constraints of a romantic partner, individuals are able to make their own decisions and enjoy things on their own terms. Whether it’s traveling solo, pursuing a new hobby, or simply enjoying a quiet evening at home to focus on some self-care, the freedom that comes with being single is empowering. Embracing solitude invites personal growth and self-discovery, laying the foundation for a deeper understanding of oneself. Not to mention the money saved by not having to buy the flowers or gifts – which can be put toward these fun activities (or an Events & Adventures membership) for yourself!

Singles Awareness Day

Who knew there was a day dedicated to honoring singles? Established the day after Valentine’s Day to celebrate flying solo, this unofficial holiday was made to empower people spending V-Day alone and avoid partaking in a pity-party of being lonely. These individuals without significant others took back the term SAD and proved that it’s okay to be alone on Valentine’s Day, reclaiming their independence and happiness with Singles Awareness Day. If you’re wondering how to celebrate, simply show yourself some love and enjoy the positives of being single – and trust us, there’s a lot to be thankful for!

Building Meaningful Connections

While Valentine’s Day is often associated with romantic love, it is also a celebration of all forms of love, including friendships and family. Being single provides an opportunity to further nurture and cherish these non-romantic connections. Whether it’s spending quality time with friends, bonding with family members, or reaching out to other loved ones, Valentine’s Day offers a chance to reflect on and strengthen these important relationships. Most importantly, a deeper love and connection can be nurtured with oneself, focusing on what makes you special. Understanding and embracing these qualities will allow the right person to come along sooner rather than later.


Society often places pressure on singles to be in romantic relationships, placing their value on their relationship status. However, being alone on Valentine’s Day challenges societal norms and celebrates the individuals who are strong enough to remain on their own in a world that’s all about finding a partner. It is a powerful statement of self-love and empowerment, confirming that one’s happiness and fulfillment are not contingent upon a romantic relationship. To coincide with that, being happy with oneself before entering a relationship is crucial for a happy, successful partnership.


Being single on Valentine’s Day is not something to be pitied, rather an opportunity to be embraced and celebrated. It offers a time for freedom, self-discovery, and empowerment, allowing individuals to revel in the beauty of their own company and cultivate meaningful connections with others. It’s okay to be alone on Valentine’s Day, but you don’t have to be when you have Events & Adventures! We have the quality singles you’re looking for who understand and revel in the joys of being single. We plan over 30 exciting events each month in over 15 cities across the US and Canada that are romance-free and all about having fun with great people, no strings attached. While our events are free of romance, we have countless couples who have met and married through E&A! As a member, you might find someone after all. The possibilities are endless with Events & Adventures – contact us today!

Why Is Dating So Hard and How to Break the Cycle

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There’s no denying that dating today is different, and perhaps it’s become an even greater challenge than in years past. So, what’s transpired in recent years that’s made it so difficult to find someone special? Swiping on dating apps, scrolling on social media, and the mind games that come with that behavior have reduced the chances of finding someone genuine and compatible. Events & Adventures will shed light on the burning question “why is dating so hard in the 21st century” and offer tips to improve your chances of meeting quality singles.

Dating Apps

The biggest threat to dating today is the prevalence of dating apps. Some users try to present the best version of themselves by using edited or outdated photos that don’t reflect their current appearance. Although this may not be as extreme as catfishing, where someone uses another person’s photos, it can still create a sense of unease for anyone who meets that person in real life.

On the other hand, as you swipe through potential matches in your area, you’re solely judging them based on their physical appearance. By doing so, you might be missing out on a truly amazing person simply because they don’t initially catch your eye. Dating apps have led people to prioritize external factors over finding a genuine connection, resulting in more disappointments than ever before.

Social Media

Social media serves as a valuable tool for sharing your life with friends and family, and even showcasing your authenticity to potential matches on dating apps. However, it does take a toll on the dating experience. The emergence of influencers, social media models, and the use of filters and editing tools has created a standardized “look” that many strive to achieve in order to gain followers. This desire to conform to the ideals set by social media figures has hindered individuals from embracing their own unique beauty, leading to increased insecurities about appearance among both men and women. Furthermore, this manufactured appearance has become the desired norm for potential partners, resulting in unrealistic expectations in the dating world.

Additionally, social media can foster a sense of dissatisfaction and constant comparison. With an abundance of attractive individuals online, the problem lies in coveting what one cannot have and constantly seeking something better. The internet has conditioned people, particularly singles, to always look for the next best thing instead of appreciating what is right in front of them. Couples today also face issues when their partners engage with attractive influencers or like other people’s photos on social media, triggering feelings of jealousy and distrust.

Mind Games

Another answer to “why is dating so hard” and something that has become increasingly common in dating, particularly among younger singles, are the mind games people play with one another. Whether it’s engaging in emotional manipulation, deliberately withholding communication, or leading someone on only to abruptly disappear, individuals are resorting to these tactics instead of pursuing genuine connections. While not everyone engages in these behaviors intentionally, more often than not, people are driven by a desire to keep things exciting for themselves, maintain control, and protect their own emotions at the expense of others.

It is not uncommon for individuals to say one thing to their partner while their actions say something different, resulting in confusion and distrust. Often, this stems from a lack of honesty with oneself regarding their true feelings. These mind games can be detrimental to a person’s mental well-being, leading to exhaustion from constantly trying to navigate the uncertainties and diminishing hope of finding authentic love. Moreover, they contribute to the development of trust issues, selfish behavior, and even avoidance of dating altogether due to negative past experiences.

Refusal to be Vulnerable

Opening up to others can be a challenging task for everyone, but there are those who adamantly refuse to let their guard down for anyone. This reluctance to be vulnerable stems from various reasons, including past experiences and the fear of being hurt again. For some individuals, it feels easier to avoid potential pain by never exposing their true selves and instead opting to find someone who will accept them without their flaws. Others may reach a point where they give up on seeking a genuine connection and settle for casual encounters.

The refusal to be vulnerable is often linked to a fear or difficulty with commitment, making it one of the biggest answers to the question “why is dating so hard.” Some individuals desire the benefits of a relationship without wanting to invest the necessary time and effort, or they simply want to keep their options open. However, it is important to recognize that being vulnerable is what makes any relationship, even a friendship, more meaningful and fulfilling. Finding someone with whom you can comfortably share your true self is a rare and valuable experience, so it’s essential not to shy away from taking that chance.

Fear of Rejection

The rise of dating apps has contributed to a fear of face-to-face interactions and the potential for rejection when approaching someone in person. Online communication has become the norm, making it harder for people to effectively communicate when they approach someone in person. This fear of rejection can be so overwhelming that individuals choose to avoid putting themselves in situations where they may experience disappointment, ultimately causing them to miss out on potential romantic connections. Whether this hesitation stems from a lack of confidence or a desire to shield oneself from rejection, it is clear that people are not meeting naturally and organically as often as they should simply because they are afraid to take that leap.

The Solution is Events & Adventures

The challenging solution to avoiding dating misfortunes is to refrain from downloading dating apps, staying away from social media, embracing vulnerability, and cultivating confidence. However, we have a simpler alternative for you: consider joining Events & Adventures! With nearly 20 locations throughout the United States and Canada, our exclusive singles-only social club is committed to bringing together quality individuals who want to have fun, establish friendships and relationships, and create lasting memories. Our members are seeking to stop asking “why is dating so hard,” disconnect from apps and immerse themselves in real-life experiences, with over 30 exciting events offered each month – free from mind games and wondering why is dating so hard. Whether you’re ready to embark on genuine dating or simply looking to make new friends, join Events & Adventures today! Learn more on our website or call 800-386-0866 to begin your journey.

New Year, New Me: How to Set Goals in 2024

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We’ve all heard the phrase “new year, new me,” but how many of us actually start making real changes in our lives once we’re in the new year? Resolutions can be made and goals can be set, but following through with them often gets swept under the rug after a few months due to lack of commitment. It can be hard to stick to a new routine and see real change. With the right mindset, you can successfully follow through with your attempts at seeing a new you in 2024. Events & Adventures is here to help with valuable tips on how to make resolutions and commit to them.

Discover your “why”

You need to begin by understanding why you want to make changes – is it for yourself, your family, your career? Whatever the case may be, having a motivating factor will give a sense of purpose and help you stay committed to your goals. Throughout this process, you should also check in with yourself to ensure that what you planned for is still what you want. Regularly checking in and reassessing your goals ensures that you stay aligned with your aspirations and see them through. Even with consistent review, your goals may change – which is okay! Just be sure to stay committed, no matter what you hope to achieve.

Make realistic goals

When you set your goals and resolutions, make them attainable. People tend to make broad statements about the changes they want to see in themselves. Without a set plan of action or smaller milestones to get you there, it may prohibit any growth or change at all. Smaller goals break your plan into chunks, making your resolutions less intimidating. They should be treated in the same way as the larger goals in that accomplishing them is just as important. Recognize and reward yourself when you achieve something or make significant strides toward your resolutions. It will boost your morale, reinforce positive behaviors, and give you the motivation to continue toward a “new year, new me.”

Patience is key

Being patient with yourself is a crucial part of successful growth. A few setbacks do not mean the end of the world, and they shouldn’t deter you from your goals. Instead, they should teach you valuable lessons and allow for growth in your journey. Everyone makes mistakes, but learning from them and still going confirms that you are on the path to success. See what went wrong, make changes in your approach, and be determined to keep moving forward. Remember, your “new year, new me” plans require time, effort, and dedication.

Be flexible

You should also remain flexible while you navigate these changes. Life can be unpredictable, and sometimes you need to make adjustments to your plan of action due to things beyond your control. As long as you are able to adapt and remain committed to your goals, you will reach them. Being okay with change is the entire purpose of making resolutions, so don’t let unexpected hiccups get you down!

Find your support system

One of the most important aspects of making changes in your life is having a support system. Sharing your struggles, progress, and desire to make a change with someone (or a group) who can understand what you are going through makes being patient and persistent easier. You’ll get the accountability and encouragement you need to keep going, and perhaps make even more goals for yourself! Luckily, these people are easier to find than you think. With Events & Adventures, you’ll be surrounded by these like-minded “new year, new me” singles getting out of their comfort zone, trying new things, and forming lasting friendships.

Connect with others at E&A

Making changes and sticking to them may not always be easy, but with these tips from Events & Adventures, you’ll have a solid foundation for success and increase your chances of sticking to your resolutions. Remember to identify your why, set clear goals, create a plan, seek support, practice patience, and stay persistent. By embracing change and staying committed, you’ll be well on your way to joining the “new year, new me” club. Here’s to a year of growth, personal development, and achieving your goals! Call us today at 800-386-0866 to start making changes and get the support you need with Events & Adventures.

Look Forward to Spending Holidays Alone

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Amidst the excitement of end-of-year holiday celebrations, not everyone is looking forward to the festivities. Holidays can be tough for those without a significant other to spend them with, making this time of year a dreaded and lonely experience for some. However, spending holidays alone doesn’t have to be a drag. In fact, it can be a low-stress, enjoyable time of year!

Events & Adventures understands the struggles of the single life during the “most wonderful” time of the year. We’re here to tell you it’s not all gloom! Here are just some of the advantages of being single during the holidays.

Less Stress

One of the primary causes of stress during the holidays can be attending all the holiday get-togethers you’ve been obliged to attend. By not having a significant other to plan around, you can avoid the frenzy of running around town, rushing through dinners, and getting full too quickly. As a single guest, you can fully enjoy the time you have with who matters most instead of worrying about fitting in several visits in a short time.

Being without a significant other can also allow you to say goodbye to the anxiety of gift-giving. Finding gifts for family members can be a lot easier compared to buying for someone you are trying to impress.  Not only that, you also save some money that can be put toward friends, family, or indulging in something you enjoy!

Fun Festivities

Good food and family time aside, this time of year is perfect for making plans – and there are so many activities to choose from! Who doesn’t enjoy attending beautifully decorated winter festivals or a holiday movie marathon with festive drinks and snacks? Maybe you’re considering taking a solo vacation, taking advantage of holiday deals and avoiding tourist crowds. Whatever your preference, spending holidays alone gives you the freedom to choose.

These festivities present the chance to meet new people, strike up conversations about your surroundings, and forge new friendships! There are endless activities to choose from during the holidays, many including other singles looking for companionship. These activities can serve as great first date ideas if you’re looking for a potential partner: ask somebody to go ice skating, get some hot chocolate, or collaborate to build a gingerbread house. There are countless opportunities to go on unique and festive dates to try and spark a connection. Stay informed about the holiday fun with a search on social media, asking around town, or joining a singles club like Events & Adventures to feel the joy of the season.

Enjoying Your Time Alone

Arguably, one of the greatest advantages of spending holidays alone is the ability to focus on yourself. You have the freedom to spend your time how you want, doing what makes you happy. While others are running from a relative’s house to their significant other’s gathering, you can slow down and actually relish the holiday season with the important people in your life.

People also tend to get overwhelmed by the commotion of plan-making and gift shopping, resulting in exhaustion. As a single individual, you are able to attend the events that are significant to you and still have some free time in between. You can schedule “me” time amongst your other holiday plans and focus on your own well-being. Use this time to reflect: look back on the year you’ve had, plan for the new year, and cherish moments spent with family and friends. Enjoy a spa night, set new goals for yourself, travel, or get out there and form connections at the holiday festivities!

Find Other Single Friends

You are not alone in being single during the holidays! There are plenty of single people experiencing the same sense of dread about spending holidays alone. This is the perfect opportunity to step out, make new friends, and potentially discover a romantic connection.

As we mentioned, the abundant festivities provide a great setting to meet a lot of people. If holiday activities aren’t your thing, there are other ways to meet like-minded individuals. Joining a singles social club like Events & Adventures provides a plethora of exhilarating things to do so you can meet quality people all year round!

Join E&A This Holiday Season!

The festive season doesn’t have to be a burden. When you focus on the positives and surround yourself with people of a shared mentality, spending holidays alone become bearable – and even more fun! Forget the stress of making plans and embrace the freedom of being single. If you’re seeking a community of like-minded people and exciting activities to spice up your life, look no further than Events & Adventures. We’ve been bringing singles together for over 30 years across major cities in the United States and Canada. Let us plan your holiday season and fill your calendar for all of 2024 by visiting today.

Make Memories with Travel Groups for Singles

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Traveling solo can be an exciting and freeing experience. Who wouldn’t want to claim their independence and see the world on their own terms? While it can be exhilarating to travel on your own, there are benefits to traveling with other people, especially like-minded singles. In this article, we’ll discuss why travel groups for singles are a great way to ensure your safety, enhance your social life, and create lasting memories.

Say Goodbye to Planning

Planning a trip – domestic or international – can be a daunting task. When you plan with Events & Adventures, all logistics including transportation and lodging accommodations are taken care of. Not only that, we plan your entire itinerary! There is no one else quite like Events & Adventures, as our trips are built from the ground up to be unique for our members and their interests. We understand wanting to make the most of your experience by seeing the sights, learning the history, and having a blast! That’s why we plan an exciting array of activities for you to choose from – not just a lay-by-the-pool vacation. Our excursions will take away the stress associated with vacation and allow you to enjoy your time and have fun with other singles, making Events & Adventures the best choice!

Lowered Costs

While we plan your trip for you, we also save you money in the process. The activities we plan – and trust us, there are plenty of excursions to choose from – are at a reduced cost. Not only that, the costs of said activities are included in the trip cost, so you just have to worry about showing up, trying new food, and getting souvenirs for your friends and family.

Staying Safe

One of the best things about travel groups for singles is increased safety and security. Traveling alone can be liberating, but it can also be more dangerous – especially in a foreign country. With a group, members are looking out for one another when exploring their new surroundings. This security is great to have while going to our planned events, as well as when you have free time. If something we have planned doesn’t sound interesting to you, you have the freedom to do what you’d like and the comfort of knowing there are others around to ensure you’re safe. There is always a trip host available that can provide you with resources for different activities, sights to see, and act as a liaison. Having that network of fellow travelers provides an extra layer of support, safety, and relief in knowing people will have your back or lend a helping hand if needed.

Meet New Friends

Finally, travel groups for singles allow for the creation of new friendships, or even a romantic relationship. You’ll have a greater chance of finding common ground with others, leaving your comfort zone, and creating incredible memories when in a group. Whether it’s indulging in mouthwatering cuisine in Italy, ziplining through Costa Rica, or admiring the Grand Canyon, doing it with friends makes the experience more meaningful than if you were on your own. Traveling with like-minded singles who share the same appreciation for the destination gives you that necessary human connection to build the foundation for a lasting friendship, or even a life partner.

Personal Growth

Along with growing your social circle, you can also grow within yourself. Traveling with a singles group allows you to maintain your independence with the freedom of making your own plans during free time, build confidence in yourself as you maneuver your way through a new city, and inspire you to try new things you otherwise wouldn’t if you hadn’t traveled. Seeing new places gives you an appreciation for the world around you. With an itinerary that allows you to experience all your destination has to offer, you can leave with lasting memories and a new perspective.

Join Events & Adventures

There is a lot to consider when planning a solo trip: arranging everything on your own, keeping track of time and belongings, and having your own back in every situation. It’s time to give consideration to Events & Adventures – we take the stress out of vacation planning and provide an enriching experience for our members. Our solo singles have several opportunities each year – usually once a month – to join any of our fun-filled trips and never suffer from FOMO. With New York City, Costa Rica, Egypt, and so much more to come, you’re sure to cross destinations off of your bucket list! Travel groups for singles allow you to make lasting memories and real connections, so let E&A plan your next adventure. To learn more about taking a trip with Events & Adventures, or to find a club nearest you, call us at 800-386-0866!

The Science Behind How to Attract That Special Someone

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It’s easy to assume that attraction is purely a matter of looks. But looks are not everything to everyone. Sure, a handsome guy or a pretty girl are more likely to gain more immediate attention, but multiple studies reveal that the psychology behind attraction is the product of a more complex recipe. In fact, data indicates that almost 80% of people have motivations unrelated to how a person looks. If you really want to know how to attract someone, follow along as we dive deep into the science!

What does science tell us about how to attract a romantic partner?

1. Smile Like You Mean It

Smiling is a fundamental human gesture that plays a crucial role in social interactions, including romantic attraction. A smile can convey warmth, friendliness, and positivity, traits that are often attractive to potential romantic partners.

Research has consistently shown that smiling can increase a person’s perceived attractiveness. In a study published in the journal Cognition and Emotion, researchers found that both men and women were more attracted to images of people who were smiling compared to those who weren’t. This could be because a smile suggests that a person is approachable, a quality that can facilitate initial romantic connections.

But when it comes to how to attract a romantic prospect, not just any smile will do. A genuine smile, in the research community referred to as a Duchenne smile, can be particularly impactful. This type of smile involves not just the muscles around the mouth, but also those around the eyes, indicating genuine happiness and positivity. In contrast, forced or fake smiles may not have the same effect and can sometimes deter attraction.

The takeaway? Attending an event offered by a singles group that encourages laughter and smiles (like a comedy show or a fun outdoor activity) can potentially boost romantic attraction.

2. Find Commonalities

The role of similarity in attracting a romantic partner is a complex area of study within psychology and sociology. In this context, similarity refers to shared characteristics, values, interests, or life goals between two individuals. It’s often these commonalities that draw people together initially and help to establish a deeper connection as the relationship progresses.

Research on the similarity-attraction effect suggests that we are more likely to form close relationships with those who resemble us. A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that couples who shared key life values, such as views on relationships, family, and money, reported higher relationship satisfaction. This aligns with the scientific concept of ‘assortative mating,’ where individuals seek out partners who are similar to them in various domains, including personality, attitudes, and socioeconomic status.

When considering how to attract a romantic partner, being authentic and finding common ground can be a good starting point. Shared singles activities, whether it’s a hike or a cooking class, can foster connection and intimacy. Moreover, discussing important life values early on can help ascertain compatibility and alignment in long-term goals.

3. Interact Repeatedly

Proximity plays a vital role in romantic attraction, a phenomenon well-documented in psychological research. The proximity principle suggests that physical and psychological closeness can fuel attraction and lead to lasting relationships.

The idea behind the proximity principle is straightforward: the more we see and interact with people, the more likely we are to form relationships with them. This is often because repeated interactions can foster familiarity, comfort, and mutual understanding, all of which are crucial elements in attraction.

Proximity measures can take various forms as you plot out how to attract that person you have your eye on. Signing up for a number of mutually agreeable activities for singles allows for frequent face-to-face interactions. These interactions can increase familiarity and likability, leading to feelings of attraction.

4. Smell Good

The role of scent in romantic attraction is a fascinating blend of biology and psychology. A person’s scent can influence our perception of their attractiveness, often on a subconscious level. This is due to pheromones – chemical signals emitted by the body that can trigger social responses, including attraction.

Perfumes and colognes, designed to enhance or mask our natural scent, can also influence attraction. Scents like vanilla, musk, and certain fruits and spices are often rated as attractive. Notably strong or overwhelming scents are generally a turn off. Of course, unpleasant body odors can also deter attraction. These smells can signal poor health or low compatibility, leading to decreased interest.

When it comes down to how to attract a partner, scent plays a significant – yet often overlooked – role. Whether it’s the subtle influence of pheromones or the allure of a well-chosen perfume, our noses can guide us toward potential partners in surprising ways.

5. Share an Exhilarating Activity

Adrenaline, also known as epinephrine, is a hormone that the body releases in response to stressful or exciting situations. It causes physiological changes like increased heart rate, heightened alertness, and a surge of energy – symptoms that mirror those of romantic attraction.

This overlap isn’t coincidental. According to the Theory of Misattribution of Arousal, people can mistake feelings of physical arousal (caused by adrenaline) for romantic attraction. In a famous 1974 study by Dutton and Aron, men who crossed a scary suspension bridge (an adrenaline-inducing situation) were more attracted to women they met soon afterwards than men who crossed a stable bridge. This phenomenon has interesting implications for planning activities. Choosing an adrenaline-pumping activity, like a roller coaster ride or skydiving, could potentially boost romantic attraction.

However, it’s important to strike a balance. Too much adrenaline can tip over into discomfort or fear, which aren’t conducive to romantic attraction.

How to Attract Singles this Weekend

Tips about how to attract a partner wouldn’t be complete without the mention of resources like Events & Adventures, an activity club for singles offering over 30 distinct events every month. So put on that smile and choose an exhilarating adventure that will get you noticed. With locations in over 15 cities, thousands of vetted singles, and even opportunities to travel worldwide, you’re sure to find – and attract — the person you’re looking for.

How to Break the Ice: The Art of Starting

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You probably have some experience with those heart-pounding seconds just before you start speaking with someone new – especially if it’s a potential crush. But, by knowing how to break the ice in those critical moments, you may be able to approach the whole situation with the kind of confidence we all find so attractive.

How to Break the Ice?

Your goal should be to establish an easy banter and keep the usual small talk from taking over. After all, your first encounter with someone new sets up the future of any relationship you may develop.

First Things First – Getting Ready

Most of us rely too much on habits and ideas that come from the past. When you know you’re going to be in a new setting or encountering new people, the first order of business is to assess the situation with more neutral eyes. For example, say you’re going to a singles-only event organized by a club like Events & Adventures. If you feel awkward, remind yourself that almost everyone is there to meet someone new – and they probably feel as nervous as you do. Instead of worrying about tripping up, try to bring a low-pressure vibe to the introduction, which will relax not only you, but your new acquaintance as well.

Of course, there’s more to this hack than getting yourself ready to talk. You have to know both what to say and get an idea of how it’s going over. Fortunately, authorities on this subject have researched exactly how to break the ice. So, take a deep breath, get that heartbeat under control, and take advantage of this expert advice:

  1. Find Common Ground

One of the most potent tools in the ice-breaking arsenal is the establishment of shared perspective and experience. The mere presence of shared experiences, attitudes, or interests can make for smoother communication. When engaging a potential romantic partner, referencing mutual interests or common experiences can serve as an inspiration for engaging dialogue. For instance, in the case of organized singles activities, mentioning a particular fondness for something you’ve both attended or recounting an amusing anecdote from a past event can serve as the spark for a deeper conversation.

  1. Make Them Laugh

Laughter, often hailed as the universal language, boasts remarkable potential in thawing the icy discomfort of unfamiliarity. There’s plenty of evidence to support the powers of humor in reducing tension and fostering a sense of camaraderie. A well-timed jest, delivered with finesse, can establish a sense of ease, helping both parties to navigate the uncharted waters of initial interaction.

TIP: Take care to ensure that humor remains light-hearted and inoffensive, as its positive powers can be undermined by misjudgment.

  1. Match Their Body Language

Nonverbal cues are the unsung heroes of communication, speaking volumes beyond the limits of words. Only a small percentage of communication is conveyed through words, while the majority is transmitted through signals like facial expressions, posture, and tone of voice. When you’re aiming to break the ice with a potential romantic partner, check out what they do with their body. Match a genuine smile with a genuine smile, maintaining eye contact, and do your best to mirror body language – this is a subtle way to reassure the other person and broadcasts a message of similarity and connection.

  1. Be Vulnerable

Engaging in an authentic manner that showcases vulnerability can be a compelling aspect and tool in discovering how to break the ice. You may imagine that revealing vulnerability implies weakness of some kind. In fact, it shows strength and is something of a shortcut in terms of establishing a genuine connection. Sharing personal stories or expressing genuine emotions can create a space of empathy and mutual understanding.

TIP: Striking the balance between openness and oversharing is important. Overwhelming vulnerability might inadvertently create discomfort.

  1. Practice

In forging relationships (and especially romantic ones), understanding how to break the ice is incredibly important. Like everything, practice will dramatically increase your odds of success. Try seeking out singles-specific gatherings. Even better, joining a club like Events & Adventures will give you options from over thirty activities for singles a month. And, if you want to really dive in, consider one of their international group travel adventures.

Break the Ice with Confidence

You have the power to transform unfamiliarity into profound connections. The process of capturing interest and setting the tone is far from a random endeavor; it is an artful interplay of strategies that contribute to the trajectory of the future. And, if you’ve done it just right, genuine connection will thrive.

Events & Adventures is in a city near you and ready to give you the opportunity to break that ice. With an incredible variety of things to do and tons of members, you’re sure to find friends and romance your way (not to mention that you’ll be ahead of the game in terms of common ground because, after all, they chose the same adventure). Get in touch with the premier singles club and implement what you’ve learned about how to break the ice.

How to Identify and Deal with Dating a Narcissist

How to Identify and Deal with Dating a Narcissist

Do you feel like you meet a lot of self-involved people on the dating scene? Events & Adventures has over 30 years of experience watching new relationships grow. We’re a singles activity club that has been bringing single members together for bucket-list adventures across 15 cities (and growing), for over 30 years. We don’t possess psychology degrees, but we do have extensive experience with people and what makes them tick. Our expertise has aided us in screening members before they join the club, equipping us with helpful advice that we share here with you. The chances of encountering a narcissist in your dating experiences is decent – if so, what to do?

The term narcissist has become increasingly popular recently, but it is important to understand what narcissism really is and, if you are dating a narcissist, how dynamics can affect your relationship. Narcissists are people with an inflated sense of their own importance and a deep need for admiration. They often lack empathy for others and pursue power and control in their relationships. Someone can be narcissistic without being diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), which is pathological and more severe. If you think you may be entangled with someone displaying these signs and symptoms, there are tell-tales signs to confirm your suspicions, and steps you can take to protect yourself from emotional or physical harm.

Common Signs of Narcissism in Relationships

At first, it can be difficult to recognize a narcissist. They may come across as charming, witty, and engaging – traits that often make them attractive. But, as time goes on, you might start to notice a different side of your partner. They may become demanding and controlling, overly critical, and/or start showing a lack of consideration for your feelings. People with narcissistic tendencies use manipulation tactics to get their way and they might even become physically or emotionally abusive.

Narcissists are often extremely self-centered and believe that everything should revolve around them. This can be seen in how they communicate with others, as they may interrupt conversations or talk over people who are speaking. When dating a narcissist, you may also notice that they need constant validation and attention from their partners, becoming overly jealous or possessive if they don’t get it. Narcissists also have a hard time taking responsibility for their own actions, and often try to deflect criticism by blaming others or making excuses.

Protecting Yourself in an Unhealthy Relationship

If you recognize that you might be dating a narcissist, there are several steps you can take to protect yourself and maintain some sense of autonomy in the relationship.

Set boundaries in stone, or at least on paper.

It’s important to set clear boundaries and communicate them to your partner. While boundaries should be established in any relationship, it is paramount if you’re dating a narcissist. Record verbal agreements and get them in writing if you can, with their permission. This will help you avoid feeling taken advantage of and disrespected, and will also give you something to fall back on later. Narcissists can unintentionally gaslight you into believing you are wrong, mistaken, or confused, but not if you have written or recorded proof that they agreed to previously.

Don’t settle for less – or you always will.

Don’t let yourself be manipulated into things you don’t want to do, and definitely don’t let your partner control your every move. Be assertive in expressing your desires and needs when dating a narcissist – including standing up for the enforcement of the first tip. This does not mean to be aggressive to your partner, it means you should politely remind them (and yourself) that your wants and needs are just as valid as theirs.

Be patient.

Standing up for yourself is only one side of the coin. As previously mentioned, a narcissist may not even realize that they are gaslighting you or taking advantage, so don’t get upset with them. Always stand your ground for the things that matter to you, but try remember that if the person you’re dating is worth your time, effort, and affection – they are also worth your time and patience. If you ever feel like your partner is the enemy, that’s your cue to leave.

Maintain each other’s self-esteem with equal effort.

Narcissists typically have enough confidence to go around, but that doesn’t mean they’re willing to share it. After the love-bombing phase, when a narcissist is content in the relationship, you may have to put aside time for yourself. Self-care activities, getaways with your friends, and time spent with family can help to remind you that you are loved and appreciated. Dating a narcissist can be draining at times, but if you pull too far away, they may feel threatened.

Seek out professional help.

When you feel like the relationship is becoming emotionally abusive, it’s important to reach out for help and consider leaving. Don’t hold on to something that’s hurting you just because you’ve been clutching it for a long time. Though some studies have shown that therapy can garner results, convincing a narcissist that they need any kind of help is an uphill battle, so pushing them to go to couple’s therapy is likely going to start an argument. Stick to the other tips on this list and if they still don’t agree to work with a professional (or if things go beyond just emotional abuse) – it’s time to get out and find a community of supportive people. (More on this in a bit.)

If you are in an unhealthy relationship with a narcissist and need assistance, there are resources available. You can reach out to the National Domestic Abuse Hotline at (800) 799-7233 or speak to a mental health professional who can help you learn more about narcissism and how to protect yourself in an unhealthy relationship. In the best-case scenario, you both go to couples therapy, but convincing a narcissist that they need help can be a daunting task. With the right resources and support, you can take control of your life and either fix your unhealthy relationship with a narcissist, or break free from it altogether.

Maintaining a Successful Relationship with a Narcissist

Some people seek professional help or find ways to deal with dating a narcissist, and in many cases, things work out fine. Love knows no bounds, after all. And just because your significant other either showcases narcissistic tendencies or has NPD, doesn’t mean you can’t live long and happy lives together. If it doesn’t work out, however, it’s important to remember that it likely isn’t your fault. You deserve to be respected and loved in a healthy, supportive relationship, and that means being able to maintain your autonomy.

Life After Dating a Narcissist

Not only does life go on if you choose to end the relationship – now you can start living a life you love! One of the biggest reasons people commit to their narcissistic significant other is that they feel trapped. Narcissists can be incredibly persuasive, charming, and charismatic. Because they are so self-absorbed, they tend to love-bomb and shower you with affection – while simultaneously making your entire life about them. Usually, their worst sides only present themselves when they’ve already implanted themselves deeply into your life. So, what’s the solution? Well, our best advice is to get back out there as soon you feel you are ready. This time, you’ll have the lessons you’ve learned to guide you.

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Tips for Surviving the Loneliness Epidemic

singles group dining in a restaurant

Did you know that loneliness can kill? According to the Department of Health – loneliness not only makes you sad, it can also make you sick. The loneliness epidemic was declared just recently by the Surgeon General, who urged citizens to improve the quality and quantity of their social connections. According to the advisory, prolonged loneliness can cause a greater risk of heart disease, dementia, stroke, anxiety, depression, and even premature death.

The solution? Well, Surgeon General Murthy suggests four basic tips to curing the loneliness epidemic – all of which we’ll discuss below, as well as one easy way to achieve them. With over 31 years of experience conquering loneliness – Events & Adventures knows how you can start living a life you love.

Tip #1 – Connect – “Answer a call from a friend.”

Murthy says that making a connection can be as simple as answering a phone call from a friend. And while that’s easy to achieve if you have friends who call you – what if you don’t anymore? Most people make new connections through shared activities like school, work, or hobbies. Other connections can be made through those friends, as well as from family members, and even random encounters. If you’ve exhausted those avenues and no one is calling your phone – consider joining a social club, an activity club – or any other kind of club! Sharing your mutual interests with other people is the best way to make long-lasting relationships, built on common ground. We know one particularly awesome club that’s been around for quite a while… maybe you should check them out!

Tip #2 – Share – “Invite someone over for dinner.”

In the same way that sharing your interests can help to build healthy relationships, so does sharing your time and space. Sometimes, all it takes is initiating an activity outside of planned events to spark a deeper friendship with both individuals and groups. Maybe it’s inviting someone over for a meal you prepared, or perhaps it’s just catching a movie together. Either way, make time for your relationships outside of regularly planned interactions. Sharing yourself with friends and loved ones can make a real difference in fighting back against the loneliness epidemic.

Tip #3 – Listen – “Be present during conversations.”

Ever hear that “just being there” is usually enough? It’s true! Our members say that we’re awesome listeners – always making time to hear their concerns and address them with sincerity. But that’s literally what friends are for! A friend in need is a friend indeed, and a loneliness epidemic is definitely a time of need. The problem is, people are often so consumed with their own lives and problems, that being a good listener is not as easy as it sounds. It requires putting yourself aside for a moment, or several moments, to be there for someone else. Still, it’s not all about them… When you truly and empathetically listen, your bond grows stronger than ever before. So, the next time someone opens up – listen up.

Tip #4 – Serve – “Seek out opportunities to serve others.”

Another popular saying is – “there’s no such thing as a selfless act.” The reasoning for this is – if you trace any action back to its root motivation – it was selfish in nature. For example, the only reason you gave a beggar all of your money was because it made you happy to help someone. Thus, even the most altruistic act can be self-serving. The fact is – whether selfish or selfless – doing something for someone else just feels good for everyone involved. Without being too spiritual or philosophical – when you put good into the universe, it tends to come back around to you. Plus, like we’ve said, serving others is essentially the same as serving yourself.

Bonus Tip – Unite – “Events & Adventures awaits”

Events & Adventures makes these four tips more attainable so you can battle the loneliness epidemic. Connect with thousands of our single members across 14 U.S. cities; share over 30 unique activities planned for members every single month; listen to stories from your new friends and forge deeper bonds; and lastly, serve yourself – as well as your new friends – just by being present with them at our events.

With over 31 years of bringing single people together – there’s no singles club that does it bigger – or better. Join us for bucket-list adventures and life-changing events where you can make connections and memories that will last you a lifetime. Some of our members have even fallen in love and gotten married! Remember, living alone doesn’t have to mean lonely. If you want to start living a life you love with single people just like you – get started today – with Events & Adventures.

Dating Trends to Avoid in 2023

Singles group hanging out in a pool

So many readers enjoyed our ghosting blog that we thought you might want more. Well, you got it! Today we’re exploring a list of dating-app trends to stay clear of in 2023. Hopefully by spreading awareness we can help more people notice telltale patterns and avoid any dating app tragedies. We’re sorry these “popular” trends are ruining the dating scene for many, but at least we can learn to understand them in order to mitigate their effects on our lives. Let’s dive in!


To kick off this list we thought we should start with what happens after you’ve been ghosted. And what do ghosts do? They haunt you! Haunting, like a bad horror movie, is when a ghoster pops up on social media – or anywhere they know you might be – without ever reaching out directly. It’s like they want you to know they still exist after ghosting you, but not for any particular reason. If you’re seeing them on your feed and they’re liking or making comments on your posts, it’s best to delete them from your lives. Ghosts should stay buried – or at least move on.


Speaking of moving on, we have to talk about zombieing. Of all the dating trends, this one is probably the strangest. Zombieing happens when someone you’ve previously dated suddenly resurfaces with a text or message, but it’s clear they haven’t changed much and still don’t want anything serious. Despite being more direct than haunting, it can be confusing and often leaves the other person feeling like they’ve been forgotten. Why do people do this then? We can’t honestly say. To avoid this, stay clear of “hey stranger” texts from people who randomly left you hanging last time.


Fizzling is one of the worst dating trends on this list… It’s an increasingly popular (or unpopular) dating app trend that shares many similarities with ghosting, but takes it a step further by making the breakup process even longer and more painful. The term ‘fizzling’ describes when someone begins to show less and less interest – without any apparent reason – before ending the communication. There’s no explanation, or resolution, it just takes longer to happen and feels worse once it does. Fizzling leads to ghosting, but not all ghosting is fizzling. If you ever went from excited, to confused, to worried, and then ghosted… you’ve actually been fizzled. When you notice this happening – get out before they fizzle out.


Breadcrumbing is when someone sends out a few flirtatious texts or messages but never follows through with their plans. They may be stringing you along for attention and it often leaves the other person in a state between feeling both anxious and rejected. Despite the confusion on your end, however, they likely know exactly why they’re doing it. Which brings us to the next of the dating trends… Benching.


If someone is breadcrumbing you, it’s likely because they’re trying to keep you on their bench as an option, but never actually plan to move the relationship forward. It’s like they are waiting for someone better to come along, and if no one does, then they’ll give you some more attention. Some benchers can have quite a roster lined up, using breadcrumbing as a technique to keep you on the line like a fish. Don’t be a fish. Unhook yourself as soon as you feel like you’ve picked up your last crumb.


Almost exactly like benching, the term cushioning refers to people who keep multiple matches in their back pocket (or on their bench) at once. The nuance here is that they aim to have several – not just one or two – serving as a “cushion” in case their primary relationship fails. It’s like having an insurance policy against heartbreak, but by using unsuspecting matches to do it. Of course, the person they’re currently dating is unaware of what their partner is up to, meaning that cushioning is very often cheating.


This is when someone brags about their accomplishments or success in order to impress potential partners. It’s like flexing their muscles in the hopes that it will attract more attention from potential love interests. Yes, this is much less damaging than most of these dating trends, but flexting is usually a sign of narcissistic tendencies or low self-esteem in other areas. If they’re telling you way more about themselves than you asked for in your first few interactions – they’re likely flexting you. There’s a big difference between meeting someone who is confident and sure of themselves, and meeting someone who is egotistical. Learn the difference to protect yourself.

In conclusion…

With terms like ghosting, haunting, and zombieing representing the ways people use online platforms, it might seem like dating is “dead”. We promise you – traditional dating culture is alive and well if you know where to look. In fact, waking up from these nightmare dating trends can be a lifechanging realization once you find the right dating style for you. We hope Events & Adventures is that style, but why don’t you check us out and see for yourself?

We’re an activity club for singles only, and we’re here to prove dating trends and apps aren’t all there is. We’ve been around for over 30 years, meaning we’ve been doing traditional dating before it was considered “traditional”. With us, you’ll check off bucket-list items, learn new things, see new places, and much more – all while meeting tons of single people across 14 cities. With over 30 events every month and zero pressure to attend any you don’t wish to – the choice is always yours. At Events & Adventures, the sky’s the limit for social interactions that can lead to long-term relationships. And if you aren’t looking for anyone, just come and enjoy the fun. Whether you’re seeking platonic friends with no ball-and-chain attached, or romantic partners to spend a lifetime with – they’re all here at Events & Adventures. Learn more, or get started today!