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Traveling solo can be an exciting and freeing experience. Who wouldn’t want to claim their independence and see the world on their own terms? While it can be exhilarating to travel on your own, there are benefits to traveling with other people, especially like-minded singles. In this article, we’ll discuss why travel groups for singles are a great way to ensure your safety, enhance your social life, and create lasting memories.

Say Goodbye to Planning

Planning a trip – domestic or international – can be a daunting task. When you plan with Events & Adventures, all logistics including transportation and lodging accommodations are taken care of. Not only that, we plan your entire itinerary! There is no one else quite like Events & Adventures, as our trips are built from the ground up to be unique for our members and their interests. We understand wanting to make the most of your experience by seeing the sights, learning the history, and having a blast! That’s why we plan an exciting array of activities for you to choose from – not just a lay-by-the-pool vacation. Our excursions will take away the stress associated with vacation and allow you to enjoy your time and have fun with other singles, making Events & Adventures the best choice!

Lowered Costs

While we plan your trip for you, we also save you money in the process. The activities we plan – and trust us, there are plenty of excursions to choose from – are at a reduced cost. Not only that, the costs of said activities are included in the trip cost, so you just have to worry about showing up, trying new food, and getting souvenirs for your friends and family.

Staying Safe

One of the best things about travel groups for singles is increased safety and security. Traveling alone can be liberating, but it can also be more dangerous – especially in a foreign country. With a group, members are looking out for one another when exploring their new surroundings. This security is great to have while going to our planned events, as well as when you have free time. If something we have planned doesn’t sound interesting to you, you have the freedom to do what you’d like and the comfort of knowing there are others around to ensure you’re safe. There is always a trip host available that can provide you with resources for different activities, sights to see, and act as a liaison. Having that network of fellow travelers provides an extra layer of support, safety, and relief in knowing people will have your back or lend a helping hand if needed.

Meet New Friends

Finally, travel groups for singles allow for the creation of new friendships, or even a romantic relationship. You’ll have a greater chance of finding common ground with others, leaving your comfort zone, and creating incredible memories when in a group. Whether it’s indulging in mouthwatering cuisine in Italy, ziplining through Costa Rica, or admiring the Grand Canyon, doing it with friends makes the experience more meaningful than if you were on your own. Traveling with like-minded singles who share the same appreciation for the destination gives you that necessary human connection to build the foundation for a lasting friendship, or even a life partner.

Personal Growth

Along with growing your social circle, you can also grow within yourself. Traveling with a singles group allows you to maintain your independence with the freedom of making your own plans during free time, build confidence in yourself as you maneuver your way through a new city, and inspire you to try new things you otherwise wouldn’t if you hadn’t traveled. Seeing new places gives you an appreciation for the world around you. With an itinerary that allows you to experience all your destination has to offer, you can leave with lasting memories and a new perspective.

Join Events & Adventures

There is a lot to consider when planning a solo trip: arranging everything on your own, keeping track of time and belongings, and having your own back in every situation. It’s time to give consideration to Events & Adventures – we take the stress out of vacation planning and provide an enriching experience for our members. Our solo singles have several opportunities each year – usually once a month – to join any of our fun-filled trips and never suffer from FOMO. With New York City, Costa Rica, Egypt, and so much more to come, you’re sure to cross destinations off of your bucket list! Travel groups for singles allow you to make lasting memories and real connections, so let E&A plan your next adventure. To learn more about taking a trip with Events & Adventures, or to find a club nearest you, call us at 800-386-0866!

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