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Winery tours were on the agenda this past weekend for the members of Events & Adventures Vancouver.

This past weekend, Events & Adventures Vancouver crew went on winery tours around the lower mainland.  The weather has been up and down going into the fall season, but we were lucky to have such a beautiful autumn day. The leaves were turning red, the breeze was cool, and the sun was shining as we ventured out on the tour.  We decided to take a limousine bus so we would arrive in style, and indeed we did as it was equipped with its own sound system, lights, and chilled water.

The host of the day brought breads with balsamic and oil to snack on in between stops, and everyone brought snacks to share, as well. We had the option to stop for lunch, but we wanted to make the most of the winery tour.  Our first stop of the day was Vista Doro, where we sampled reds, whites, and a port, plus we got to sample their own mimosa recipe (made from a blend of their wines).  They also carry a wide selection of preserves, which we also sampled and were so good we couldn’t leave without taking some with us.

The second stop of the day was Township 7, and there was a private party going on when we arrived.  They had live music that really set the mood, and the atmosphere was wonderful. We stopped and took pictures by the vineyards after the sampling was over.  The third stop of the day was Backyard Winery, a personal favorite, and was packed with people!  The atmosphere was brilliant and the description of their wines made you wants to taste every single one. This winery has been recognized for many of their wines and won multiple awards (even gold).

Our fourth and final stop of the day was The Fort Wine Company, and the building was quaint and adorable. They served us fruit wines that were sweet, making it a very different experience than the other wineries that we visited previously.  We finished off with a mini tour throughout Fort Langley before heading back into the city.  It was so nice to be able to get out of town a little bit and enjoy a day in the countryside with other great members of Events & Adventures Vancouver!

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