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The Oakland Parkway….More Than Just A Movie House!

Walking with the manager of the Oakland Parkway last Wednesday into the black box theater turned movie house, I looked for the best places to reserve for our E&A group.  Plenty of  clean dining room tables and some chairs underneath the balcony.  Balcony?  What’s up there?  Wow.  Couches.  All kinds of couches and cushioned chairs each with perfect views of the screen.  That’s it.  Back downstairs to meet the others.  

The Oakland Parkway is more than just a movie house.  In addition to the variety of films including two documentaries, a Hollywood blockbuster, and a foreign film, they have a full kitchen , weekly specials, beers on tap, and they serve it to you at the above mentioned couches.  Feeling adventurous?  Go for the secret dish, which is different with every order.  Alvin got roasted chicken with wild rice and veggies while Catherine got a turkey melt.  Another person got a bucket of fries with cheddar cheese and bacon.  

I sat down to the movie with my salad and then popcorn, and I realized that I’m not sure I cared what movie was about to start.  No one next to me on the couch?  Thank you, I will put my feet up. Just like home, but better: bigger screen, and all my E&A friends watching and chatting with me.  

Bryan Event Manager San Francisco