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Phoenix Singles – What are you doing this weekend?

Success is where opportunity and preparedness meet!  Events and Adventures gives you the perfect opportunity to meet singles at 30-40 great events every month – but what if you’re not ready yet?  What if you just got out of a relationship last week and you haven’t been “single” in a while?  What if you have been single TOO long and things don’t seem to be going the way you want?

The Events and Adventures dating bootcamp is the answer!    In this bootcamp you will learn

What your personal profile number is and how it can change how you act and dress, and how you see other people
What colors work best for you and why
What kind of person you are normally attracted to – and what kind of person you might enjoy being with more

Don’t spend another weekend on the couch with Netflix or posting on your friends’ fun Facebook posts.  Make today the day things begin to change, the day you start having the social life you have always wanted!

Have more confidence when you meet someone in a social situation – because you will have confidence in the way you dress and the way you communicate

Be able to read people better, what kind of person they are and if they like you

We know its awkward (irritating?  Frustrating?) to get back into the dating scene after you have been married for a while.  Things have changed – heck – YOU have changed!  It can take a lot of time and effort to get yourself back in dating shape – and with online dating, finding someone worth spending time with is more time consuming and competitive than ever.

Events and Adventures is here to help!  We have created a “Dating bootcamp” specifically for singles who are just getting back into the dating game.  Similar to a sports bootcamp (but with no sweating) we will help you understand the specific tools and techniques necessary to present yourself in the best light, then equip you with the skills required to hit the ground running and be successful in the new world of dating.

We will give you advice on:

What to wear and how to present yourself in a way that reflects who you are and attracts the kind of people you want to meet.

Where to go – which online sites work and which are a waste of time, if you don’t want to be online we will tell you how to meet people to date in your everyday life.  “Eharmony” or “Match”?  “Tindr” or “Coffee meets bagel?”  We will help you understand the right places to be online to find the kind of person you are looking for, and how to avoid places that are just plain dangerous.

What to say – the language of dating has changed, and things that used to work don’t work anymore.

Where to say it! – Do you text someone to ask for a date? After a date? During a date?

What does your online presence say about you? How do you communicate with someone you don’t know well over Facebook without looking like a cyber stalker? What should YOUR Facebook look like – what does it say about you?

Online Security – some sites sell your information, others use your real phone number (hint – get a google phone number).  We’ll help you understand how to put yourself out there in a way that gets results and minimizes the risks.

Who to listen to – there is a lot of advice out there and it is tough to know what advice to take.  Each of these boot camps are being run personally by Mark Owen, founder of Events and Adventures, and Sherrie Nattrass, owner of Balanced Attraction Cosmetics – so who are these people that I should listen?  With over 27 years’ experience helping singles to meet and have fun at over 50,000 events around the United States and Canada, Mark has personally interviewed, met, and helped literally thousands of singles, and is more qualified than anyone on the planet to know what is working and why for singles.  He will bring you that knowledge and help you understand what you can do to be more successful, and what others are doing that is resulting in more fulfilling lives, long term relationships and marriage (yes, even if you are over 40….).  Sherrie has been doing personal makeovers around the world and has had her work on the cover of Bride Magazine.  She knows more than anyone how to make you look and feel your best as you enter the face paced world of modern dating.

Now is the time to get out, have fun, and maybe just meet that special someone!

Are you ready to start the fun?


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