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Pedal Pub Fun in Dallas!

DFW has finally got a Pedal Pub! It’s downtown Fort Worth in  Sundance Square. And it isn’t nearly as exhausting as I thought it would be.  Thank goodness because I hate the gym. I looked at it and thought we’re going to pedal this thing for how long?!? Two hours later I was so happy I went. We stopped every few blocks for refreshment, so no one got really winded. One stop the feature was French fries and we passed them around while pedaling to our next stop. It was totally fun! The driver rang the bell at every green light to get us going and we yelled “Pedal, pedal, pedal, pedal, PEDAL” and laaauughed. The people we passed took our picture and cheered us on. We had the best time. You gotta try it.  This weekend is our massive Halloween party and I can’t wait!

Jacque Event Manager Dallas