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Fall into Fun With Autumn Outdoor Activities for Singles

When the weekend arrives, it can feel like a chore trying to figure out what to do, especially when you’re unattached. The beautiful fall weather is begging you to come out and play, but the idea of entering unchartered territory on your own may seem a bit intimidating. That’s where Events & Adventures excels. As the expert event planners for singles, it’s our mission to select the most engaging and fun things to do in a no-pressure, relaxed environment. From campfires to rodeos and everything in between, it’s clear why we’ve seen so many folks enjoying their best single life. So, grab your pumpkin spiced latte and let’s explore all the outdoor activities for singles that Events & Adventures has to offer this fall.  

More Than Outdoor Activities for Singles…Outdoor Adventures! 

Now that the weather is cooling off, it’s a perfect opportunity to explore more of the great outdoors. Hiking provides great exercise while providing the perfect opportunity to chat with new friends. After a long hike, our members often enjoy a frosty beverage at a local brewery or coffee house to keep the fun going, long after the scheduled event is over. 

A favorite childhood activity can turn into adult amusement with a few new singles to enjoy it with. Pumpkin carving, hayrides, and corn mazes are just some fall outdoor activities we offer that make you feel like a kid again. Add in some friendly faces and making new connections is easy and fun! 

Halloween parties are a blast with our members! Costumes always give us a little extra confidence to let out our flirty sides, and there’s no better way to spark up a conversation than with a silly getup. With one look at some of the hilarious memories from our Phoenix and South Florida Halloween parties,  you’ll want to join in on the fun! 

If you’re the athletic type, the crisp autumn weather is ideal for outdoor activities like flag football or paintball, and a little friendly competition is a great way to build rapport. If not, then a football watch party may be more your style. Perhaps you’d be more inclined to strap on some ammo and hit the field for some fun zombie hunting. Whether it’s glow-in-the-dark golf, rock climbing, zip-lining, or Segway tours, Events & Adventures provides all the fun – all you need to do is join us! Our get-togethers never disappoint. It’s our job to show you the best time while providing enjoyable opportunities to make new friends and new connections. 

For more intimate gatherings, we provide the wallflower with plenty of chances to warm up to new people. Events & Adventures isn’t just for thrill-seekers – our events can take on an easy vibe, with book clubs, trivia nights, art museum trips, bike rides, and more. Oftentimes, these small group settings offer the right ambiance to get to know someone in a relaxed, comfortable environment. 

Every month is filled with plenty of different options to suit your personality or mood. Feeling funky? Hit club night. Want to sit back and chill? Maybe brunch is more your style. Whatever you’re into, there’s a good chance that we have an outing that’s right up your alley. Our mix of event offerings provides the right balance of fun and easy ways to build friendships or even create sparks with someone new. 

Go Beyond the Outdoors – Go Abroad!

If you’re looking for even more adventure, come see the world with us! Our singles explore the globe and enjoy exotic destinations with a great group of like-minded friends. The best part? Everyone is single! There are no kids on our trips – just a great time and plenty of opportunities to have new experiences with singles like you. From the Florida Keys to Fiji and Costa Rica to China, Events & Adventures provides exciting travel excursions that you may otherwise never experience on your own. Check out the amazing photos from our most recent trip to Kenya and you’ll see how our singles cross off many of their bucket list items, just by being a member!

An Exciting Dating Experience Beyond the Apps

When it comes to modern dating, it can feel like a chore. Who wants to sit and swipe through a sea of faces all day long? Our gatherings provide real-life opportunities to make actual connections with people who are looking for the same things – an exciting, fun life with the possibility of love! Because we are the experts in fun and know what the ultimate goal is (love) – our hosts curate events that bring out the best side of you while maintaining a comfortable way to connect and create friendships. Ask any of our members and they’ll tell you – Events & Adventures puts dating apps to shame. They’ve never had a better time in their single lives! 

For over 30 years, Events & Adventures has been offering singles the most entertaining and exciting way to meet new people. If you’re ready to live your best single life, get started with Events & Adventures today. 

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