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I Knew It Was Going To Be A Great Party When……..

I knew it was going to be a great party when the passersby started coming in to look at the decorations.  Mind you, this wasn’t at the start of the party but in broad daylight, before we were even ready.  It was mostly adults, but sometimes kids who recognized the special tree doors from “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

“Wow!  Those look great!” was followed by “What’s going on here tonight?”  There was more than one person who wanted to come to the party and then, I think, wished they were in E&A so they could be part of the party.

With the exception of a few devout fans of the film and the two hosts who dressed as Sally and Jack, most didn’t dress up with the theme.  It didn’t matter much though as there were mobsters, raver vikings, a Double Dare group (complete with dare “tasks” for the party), and group favorites, the “Bounty Hunters” from the tv show and an almost perfect likeness of Peggy Bundy from “Married with Children.”

There was great food, great drinks (with fun, friendly bartenders), and the DJ played everything from “Monster Mash” to house mixes of popular tunes.  I don’t think the dance floor was ever empty.  1:00 arrived and although it was difficult to get people to leave, some special things happened.  Part of what makes E&A so great is that the members felt some ownership and special part of this fun party, and they responded in kind by lending a hand by helping clean and take down decorations.  We left exhausted and with smiles on our faces.  Well, everyone except the bar owner who begged us to keep our decorations up through Halloween.

Bryan Event Manager San Francisco