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Great Golfing Events in San Francisco

Events & Adventures members spent a Sunday on the green at one of our great golfing events. They learned the proper techniques swinging techniques and played some fun games, such as closest to the hole or longest drive. Members were able to enjoy gorgeous views of Marin County while playing on one of Northern California’s best heritage courses.

Any golfer will undoubtedly tell you that there are few things that feel as good as hitting a great golf shot. It’s almost like magic. Practice and swing drills are the key to good shots and Events & Adventures members mastered them. Afterwards, members rewarded themselves with a 19th Hole cocktail and mingled.

Why learn how to golf, you ask? It’s not just a great way to schmooze on a business trip, but it’s an awesome addition to your social life, as well. More and more people are learning to play and going to golfing events. So next time you want to have a double date, why not head out to the course and get to know each other over 18 holes. Golf is the perfect venue to make new friendships as well and strengthen old ones. When a golfer joins a friend for 18 holes, they are guaranteed three to four hours of time with them. If you show up at the course alone, a golfer has the opportunity to meet someone new, share a tee time and spend the afternoon getting to know them.

And believe it or not, the course is a great place for guys and girls to meet their future spouse or partner. If you’re an avid golfer, meeting a fellow golfer definitely earns some bonus points! Take aim, swing and meet the members of Events & Adventures San Francisco out on the course!

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