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Getting Lost turned out Great!

I didn’t realize that getting lost was the best thing that could have happened.  The beautiful hike in Sunol was carefully planned and the route clear to me.  I was ready to give our members a fun new workout; a steeper and more challenging hike than the last few, but not impossible either.  Then, about 15 minutes of the hike walking the bridge over the rolling river and enjoying the shade, I had to make a choice.  The trail markers were no help at all and the wide path here looked like a tractor could ride on it.  I went left and soon I realize that my intermediate, challenging hike was turning into an easy stroll.  I let it go and made a quick plan, head to the river and then back around the hill.  Not only did we discover some of the most peaceful and beautiful places in the park, but, after carefully avoiding the cows grazing and protecting their calves, we made a fast march up the mountain to get a better view.  Once back, I knew I made the “right” choice when everyone smiled and said that the hike was the perfect exercise; challenging, but not impossible.  I think I’ll make the wrong turn more often.

Bryan Event Manager San Francisco