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Dating Trends to Avoid in 2023

So many readers enjoyed our ghosting blog that we thought you might want more. Well, you got it! Today we’re exploring a list of dating-app trends to stay clear of in 2023. Hopefully by spreading awareness we can help more people notice telltale patterns and avoid any dating app tragedies. We’re sorry these “popular” trends are ruining the dating scene for many, but at least we can learn to understand them in order to mitigate their effects on our lives. Let’s dive in!


To kick off this list we thought we should start with what happens after you’ve been ghosted. And what do ghosts do? They haunt you! Haunting, like a bad horror movie, is when a ghoster pops up on social media – or anywhere they know you might be – without ever reaching out directly. It’s like they want you to know they still exist after ghosting you, but not for any particular reason. If you’re seeing them on your feed and they’re liking or making comments on your posts, it’s best to delete them from your lives. Ghosts should stay buried – or at least move on.


Speaking of moving on, we have to talk about zombieing. Of all the dating trends, this one is probably the strangest. Zombieing happens when someone you’ve previously dated suddenly resurfaces with a text or message, but it’s clear they haven’t changed much and still don’t want anything serious. Despite being more direct than haunting, it can be confusing and often leaves the other person feeling like they’ve been forgotten. Why do people do this then? We can’t honestly say. To avoid this, stay clear of “hey stranger” texts from people who randomly left you hanging last time.


Fizzling is one of the worst dating trends on this list… It’s an increasingly popular (or unpopular) dating app trend that shares many similarities with ghosting, but takes it a step further by making the breakup process even longer and more painful. The term ‘fizzling’ describes when someone begins to show less and less interest – without any apparent reason – before ending the communication. There’s no explanation, or resolution, it just takes longer to happen and feels worse once it does. Fizzling leads to ghosting, but not all ghosting is fizzling. If you ever went from excited, to confused, to worried, and then ghosted… you’ve actually been fizzled. When you notice this happening – get out before they fizzle out.


Breadcrumbing is when someone sends out a few flirtatious texts or messages but never follows through with their plans. They may be stringing you along for attention and it often leaves the other person in a state between feeling both anxious and rejected. Despite the confusion on your end, however, they likely know exactly why they’re doing it. Which brings us to the next of the dating trends… Benching.


If someone is breadcrumbing you, it’s likely because they’re trying to keep you on their bench as an option, but never actually plan to move the relationship forward. It’s like they are waiting for someone better to come along, and if no one does, then they’ll give you some more attention. Some benchers can have quite a roster lined up, using breadcrumbing as a technique to keep you on the line like a fish. Don’t be a fish. Unhook yourself as soon as you feel like you’ve picked up your last crumb.


Almost exactly like benching, the term cushioning refers to people who keep multiple matches in their back pocket (or on their bench) at once. The nuance here is that they aim to have several – not just one or two – serving as a “cushion” in case their primary relationship fails. It’s like having an insurance policy against heartbreak, but by using unsuspecting matches to do it. Of course, the person they’re currently dating is unaware of what their partner is up to, meaning that cushioning is very often cheating.


This is when someone brags about their accomplishments or success in order to impress potential partners. It’s like flexing their muscles in the hopes that it will attract more attention from potential love interests. Yes, this is much less damaging than most of these dating trends, but flexting is usually a sign of narcissistic tendencies or low self-esteem in other areas. If they’re telling you way more about themselves than you asked for in your first few interactions – they’re likely flexting you. There’s a big difference between meeting someone who is confident and sure of themselves, and meeting someone who is egotistical. Learn the difference to protect yourself.

In conclusion…

With terms like ghosting, haunting, and zombieing representing the ways people use online platforms, it might seem like dating is “dead”. We promise you – traditional dating culture is alive and well if you know where to look. In fact, waking up from these nightmare dating trends can be a lifechanging realization once you find the right dating style for you. We hope Events & Adventures is that style, but why don’t you check us out and see for yourself?

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