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Being “Stealthy” playing Laser Tag!

Laser Tag is one of my favorite events. Running around in the dark arena, trying to be “stealthy”. It can be so much fun! It’s funny because every time I play, I think I am a ninja… and then I see my score…. And I’m not as good as I thought I was. E&A went to a new laser tag location last week & it was a blast. Angela & I teamed up to cover each other’s backs while we tried to protect our home base. I feel I may have let her down though, I got caught up in a laser war with Nadia & totally forgot to protect Angela! We lost that game but got another chance!

The highlight of the evening for me was the laser maze! This was really where I felt like James Bond. It’s a room full of lasers that you have to navigate without touching any of them. I was nervous because I got so into mood! I seriously felt that if I touched the laser it would be the end of me! Ritu busted out her yoga skills and rocked it! She put the level on extreme & finished quickly and only touched 1 laser. Then new member Berret (it was his first event) came & bunny hopped over the most difficult part! He did it without touching any laser & getting through it the fastest! What a rockstar! It was one seriously good night!

Julie Event Manager Santa Clara